Enrich your career in a nurturing environment

Be Part of the Right Team, Right Now.

At ESN, we enter into what we hope will be a long-term partnership with those who work for us. We want to be your advocate, a well-wisher, and a mentor. Whether you are looking to develop and hone your IT skills, increase your income, or tackle new management responsibilities, we are here to provide the necessary tools and support to reach your career goals.

Many employers offer a job. At ESN, we offer you a career. We help you master the skills you already have while helping you gain hands-on experience with new tools and technologies. Thereby, creating a better, stronger, more marketable YOU! We recognize your long-term career goals, help you reach or exceed to the best of possibility! You aim to go places in your career and we will get you there!!

Our Environment offers:

  • Upward mobility: We value hard work and reward exceptional dedication, drive, and loyalty—by promoting internally.
  • We offer internal training initiatives – either to sharpen your current expertise or to master new skills.
  • Technical diversity: our broad client base gives you access to a large variety of exciting technology projects.
  • State-of-the-art tools for collaboration enable our employees to perform at optimal levels.
  • Frequent one-on-one meetings with management to understand and address your concerns and discuss potential ideas you come up with!
  • Regular assessment of skills and expertise during performance appraisals and constructive feedback helps you continually improve yourself and grow ahead

Generous Compensation Packages

Competitive pay, comprehensive medical insurance for the entire family, company-paid training, and much more!

We are very selective about who we bring onto our team, but if you have the right drive, dedication, passion, and talent, we’ll reward you with the opportunity and support to turn your career dreams into a reality.

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