Revenue Cycle Management

We provide efficient revenue cycle solutions with critical benefits

Revenue Cycle Management is a critical process that requires management in a landscape with a shortage of talent, soaring healthcare costs, and a driving need to manage operations efficiency. Medical Billing and Coding are crucial pieces. Coding needs to be accurate, efficient, and secure.  Billing should have fewer errors, faster collections, and increased cash flow. To alleviate these challenges, we provide all-inclusive revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals, physician offices, Independent Practice Associations, and various other healthcare providers.

We provide efficient revenue cycle solutions with critical benefits such as reducing accounts receivable time, cost savings, coding accuracy of 99%, etc. We cover all aspects of revenue cycle management, including provider enrollment and credentialing, insurance verification, payment posting, accounts receivables, denial management, and much more.

How we work

At the outset, our program management understands client systems and processes and creates standard operating procedures with a ramp plan. Our team members are certified, experienced, and trained as per project requirements.  We offer a 48-hour turnaround time, code, and bill while you sleep and deliver accurate revenue cycle management services without interruption. Our stringent quality processes ensure 99% accuracy and seamless integration into customer scenarios while we manage by metrics. All this while lowering costs for you!

Medical Billing & Coding Services

  • Patient registration and eligibility verification.
  • Claims coding with appropriate CPT and ICD codes and modifiers.
  • Demographics / Charge Entry.
  • Electronic claims submission, tracking, and rejection resolutions.
  • Denial management and appeals.
  • Payment posting and reconciliation.
  • Accounts receivable and follow-ups.
  • Quality reviews at all stages.
  • Revenue analytics and monthly reporting.



Our coders are AHIMA and/or AAPC certified with expertise in ICD-10, CTP4/HCPCS, MS-DRG, and more. With experience and training in client-specific processes and systems, our coders deliver 99% accuracy, with privacy, security & quality being of utmost importance.

Our billers have extensive experience in client billing systems and processes. They are always in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, CMS, In-Network, and Out-of-Network.

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