Leak Detection GUI Application For Display Panel PC

Leak Detection GUI Application For Display Panel PC


To design and develop a graphical user interface (GUI) with Advantech PPC-L61T Flat Panel PC (running Microsoft Windows CE) to calculate the helium leak rate based on inputs from a helium sensor. The GUI needs to provide system controls, setup options, diagnostics, various input/output forms, and audio cues, all in several languages. The application needs to support COM and USB interfaces as communication modules.



ESN Technologies uses a well-defined software development life cycle (SDLC) model, which takes an iterative approach in executing a project. Each build/milestone is scheduled so that obtaining specific requirements related to the revision of project documents, planning, thorough testing, and bug fixing are carried out incrementally. One of the team members is signed the role of quality analyst to review and update project documents, organize testing activities and conduct regular code reviews walkthroughs. Designated team members work in tandem with the quality analyst, as members of the testing team, continuously aiming to enhance the quality of the software delivered.



  • C# 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005
  • Dot Net Compact Framework
  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Windows CE 6.0



ESN developed software for the Advantech PPC-L61T Flat Panel PC that is tightly integrated into the Microsoft Windows CE platform. The software provides a rich graphical user interface to control leak detection and handle exceptions. Other key features of the application include:

  • COM and USB communication modules
  • Simulator module to test communication
  • Leak detection for different supported gases with alarms when a leak is out of range
  • Save parameters to non-volatile memory
  • Graphs to display leak actions
  • Continuous monitoring of leak values
  • Error logging
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