Leak Detection GUI Application For Display Panel PC

Challenge To design and develop a graphical user interface (GUI) with Advantech PPC-L61T Flat Panel PC (running Microsoft Windows CE) to calculate the helium leak rate based on inputs from a helium sensor. The GUI needs to provide system controls, setup options, diagnostics, various input/output forms, and audio cues, all in several languages. The application […]

Decision Support System Reduces Costs And Improves Business Processes

Client Profile This nationally known dental group manages the largest group of dental practices in the United States, providing oral healthcare and comprehensive evidence-based treatment.   Challenge The client wanted to improve its customer service through the development and implementation of a new scheduling support and reporting system. This new application would replace the existing […]

Crowd-Source Fundraising Application

Product Information Fundraising is crowd-source fundraising application acts as a bridge between donors, creators and innovators.   The Challenge Developing crowd-source fundraising application from scratch with responsive UI using Bootstrap in MVC using Laravel framework. It should be flexible for web services for mobile and cross-platform development. Also, develop native mobile applications on mobile operating […]