Custom Web Application

Everest used .Net technologies to create a custom web application for THE CLIENT.

In accordance with the product release plan, we made sure the product was robustly designed and tested. Since 1985, THE CLIENT, a full-service property management firm, has been overseeing single-family and multifamily homes throughout Washington and Oregon.

The Problem
1. Creating unique web applications with .Net technology.
2. Create a tenant screening process that is simpler and more automated. At present, an XLSx score spreadsheet is being used.

We created a custom web application
There is a possibility to integrate an API to obtain data directly from AppFolio (PHASE TWO)

Application Scope

  • The Final Web app to be embedded in SP (THE CLIENT indicated they can handle this deployment.)
  • Solution to have edit pages and summary pages (That are exportable)
  • Record the export function to output to SP or at least desktop.
  • Real-time status bar that would show not complete on required fields are met then turn green and show complete.
  • The status bar is always visible across the top while in record – What data to be displayed TBT.
  • Wizard format with the option to skip sections (one section at a time), then move on to the next section.
  • Ability to change formula variables from an admin page.
  • Turbo tax like interface (Just a suggestion, not a requirement.)
  • Auto-save record – Use applicant name plus some auto-suffix
  • Status indicator on rows in main list of applications
  • Records will have a status column in the list of records, among other columns.

Tenant Score Sheet Web Application Support

  • .Net framework 4.8
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Angular, Web API Core, and IIS
  • SQL Server v18.12


  • The tenant’s score data is maintained, monitored, and tracked on a cloud-based web application.
  • Quality improvement
  • Production cost reduction,
  • Error rate reduction,
  • Provides user-level access to the application and
  • Scalability, Performance and Security

About Everest Consultants, Inc.

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