Achieving effective talent management with integrated objectives and key results

Achieving effective talent management with integrated objectives and key results

Client Profile

Our client is a vendor of products for human-resources management systems (HRMS). Their products aim to connect a company’s workforce and its strategic goals on a daily basis to improve productivity and meet key company objectives.


Project Background

The client contracted with ESN to build a new talent management application that incorporates the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) management process. Enterprises use OKRs to publicly set, measure, and coordinate organizational, team, and individual objectives and key results. Many use OKRs to improve their talent-management capabilities and overall productivity.

ESN also added a visually dynamic and sophisticated dashboard with robust analytics and tools for data review, control, and user feedback to the client’s HRMS platform.

Although our client had a clear vision of what the application needed to accomplish, he was unsure about how to design and structure the screens and flow to realize that vision.

  • Technology and Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • NET
  • AngularJS Framework
  • Organization and D3 Charts
  • Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS
  • RESTful (Web API services)
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Team Foundation Server (source control)



Using iterative prototyping, review, and enhancement feedback loops to support the client’s development and refinement of the application idea, our technical team worked with the client to design and realize the new application. The client built the native mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms with a range of features and numerous customer benefits, including:

  • The use of OKR concepts for setting and communicating enterprise-wide goals and results
  • Easy-to-find graphical representations of organizational structure, objectives, and results make it easy for users to enter their daily results
  • A fully responsive design renders the primary application reports appropriately on any device
  • Historical charts and analytics of objectives and results for business and enterprise forecasting
  • Customizable features like SMS notifications, online chat, and toasters
  • Self-registration allows anyone to set up personal or organizational OKRs
  • Quick, easy navigation for a welcoming user experience
  • Extensive security features, including dual-form authentication using QR codes
  • A high ease of use, which supports increased adoption and uses for continuous improvement
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