Modernize legacy software to a cloud-based application to reduce maintenance costs and enhance customer reach

Modernizing legacy applications to the cloud enables customers to access data and analytics anywhere for taking corrective measures to improve product quality in manufacturing organizations. Client Profile A leading SQC/SPC software company helps manufacturers analyze their process data to improve quality and identify production issues before they become problems. The client has been helping hundreds […]

Comprehensive reporting with easy and configurable dashboard accessibility

Client Profile Our client has been one of Canada’s leading developers of healthcare-management software for over a decade. The client’s enterprise-management solution (EMS) integrates human resources and payroll software, providing healthcare professionals with the software tools they need to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and produce the quality information required by the complex demands of […]

Talent management system

Client Profile Our client is a vendor of products for human-resources management systems (HRMS). We built talent-management software for them which uses objectives and measurable key results (OKR) to recognize talented professionals and align them with the company’s most critical activities to maximize results. We also used Azure ML to add a sophisticated dashboard to […]

Move to cloud supports rapid customer growth

Client Profile An irrigation-industry pioneer, our client uses satellite monitoring, high-resolution aerial infrared imagery, neutron probes, and other advanced technologies to provide its customers with accurate and real-time water, crop, and irrigation data. Over a six-year partnership, ESN developed several applications for the client and enhanced and re-engineered others. Together we improved enterprise operations and […]

Data analytics and superior resource integration advance project efficiencies

Client Profile Construction industry and project-development leader, our client provides innovative and sustainable solutions for customers and communities across Europe and the United States.   Project Needs Our client was using Excel spreadsheets and Latista, a construction field-management application, to manage and monitor multiple construction tasks, and capture customer acceptance and sign-off for completed tasks. […]