Long-term dedicated project teams for a leading translation company

Long-term dedicated project teams for a leading translation company

Our resources and technical expertise allow our clients to make the necessary technology choices to support their continued growth over time.

Client Profile

Offering a range of innovative translation and localization strategies for efficient, effective cross-border communication, our client’s web application provides a management platform for their customers who manage multilingual translations. The application also serves as a platform for translation-service vendors. These services make our client the trusted translation partner for hundreds of regulated and non-regulated businesses.


Project Needs

The client initially engaged ESN to develop a new application framework for their over-the-phone translation services. This involved a small team building reusable core components for the framework as they implemented more automated online assignments and time tracking for their translation services.

Over time, our client refocused our efforts towards updating their legacy application as they migrated it to new technology frameworks using core components on Azure infrastructure. We also moved to provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support.

The client partnered with ESN over time by identifying areas needing additional resources, while their internal resources focused on new core initiatives.

  • Technology and Tools
  • C#, ASP.Net Core MVC, xUnit Test
  • Visual Studio 2017 / Framework 4.7
  • HTML, JavaScript, and JQuery
  • Azure Microservices, Entity Framework, and SQL Azure
  • GIT, Jira, and Confluence



  • ESN maintained a core team that kept industry and company familiarity built up as we worked with our clients over time. Our resource depth and breadth allowed us to expand and contract around this core team, providing the appropriate team size suited to our client’s needs at any specific point in time.
  • A key challenge was our client’s changing initiatives and focus over time. ESN was able to adjust the team composition to provide the required mix of technical expertise that our client needed based on their internal initiatives.
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