Comprehensive reporting with easy and configurable dashboard accessibility

Comprehensive reporting with easy and configurable dashboard accessibility

Client Profile

Our client has been one of Canada’s leading developers of healthcare-management software for over a decade. The client’s enterprise-management solution (EMS) integrates human resources and payroll software, providing healthcare professionals with the software tools they need to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and produce the quality information required by the complex demands of that nation’s healthcare industry.


Project Needs

Our client contracted with ESN to provide the client’s customers with a more comprehensive reporting system that included:

  • An easily customized dashboard with drag-and-drop widgets and quick access to analytic, reporting, and editing functions
  • New and more complex reports using SSRS on top of the customers’ Oracle database resources
  • The use of a security token for user authentication


Technology and Tools

  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Java
  • AngularJS
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server Reporting Services



The ESN technical team designed the needed widgets and implemented the desired dashboards using AngularJS, which provided the desired flexibility and ease of use. ESN also developed a set of complex SSRS reports for scheduling, resource utilization, payments, and other topics and service areas.

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