Application Migration to Cloud

Everest Consultants successfully migrated the Legacy Application Migration to Cloud Operations application from a no longer supported environment to the cloud to increase functionality and availability.

Client Profile

Our client revolutionized the vehicle safety industry by introducing the first commercially available crash reconstruction program for personal computers. They continued to advance the industry by developing a 3-D simulation environment for vehicle and occupant analysis that could be used for both vehicle design and safety research. They continue to develop new simulation software technology that keeps them at the forefront of the vehicle simulation industry.


Project Needs

Our client had a custom Back Office (BO) Operations application developed for them to manage their general operations related to clients, licensing, training, and other aspects of their business. This served them well as they focused their efforts on advancing their simulation product line, but the initial software and hardware toolset reached the end of their life and were no longer supported. This left them trapped in an application that could not be enhanced, with severely limited access to critical data that was becoming more difficult to maintain all the time.

Everest needed to reengineer BO onto a modern platform that was more accessible, provided capabilities for continuing enhancements, and allowed for possible integration with other applications. This required

  • Preserving the existing Production data for continued use
  • Moving to a Cloud environment to allow wider access
  • Separating the monolithic application into database backend and application frontend for separate enhancement on either side
  • Allowing simultaneous access to multiple users
  • Supporting all the legacy functionality


Technology and Tools

  • .Net, MVC, ASP.NET, C#, Web API
  • Angular 8.0, Bootstrap, TypeScript, AG Grid, npm, node.js
  • MySQL, Oracle 8i, 10g, and
  • Visual Studio, Git
  • MS Azure
  • VMWare



  • Everest Consultants identified specific toolsets that were still available and would work with the already-end-of life hardware and software. A multi-step migration procedure was implemented and tested to successfully migrate all our client’s existing data to the new toolset. This required exporting the old database to a more accessible working environment, migrating the old database to an interim database that conversion toolsets could work with, converting the interim database to the final target database, and developing migration scripts to address exception scenarios wherever needed.
  • No underlying legacy BO code was accessible, so the existing BO was analyzed and reviewed with the client users to ensure all functionality was understood and any immediate improvements were identified. This was a continuing process as the new application was implemented.
  • Redesigning to a modern architecture that supported cloud deployment and allowed for ongoing modular improvements.
  • Maintaining the existing database structure with some improvements under a REST API for future development
  • Reengineering the frontend with a modern UI and framework
  • The Everest solution ensured that all our client’s critical historical data was available for continuing use, provided an application with all their earlier functionality that was easier to use and more accessible, and prepared them for ongoing modular improvements.
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