Decision Support System Reduces Costs And Improves Business Processes

Client Profile

This nationally known dental group manages the largest group of dental practices in the United States, providing oral healthcare and comprehensive evidence-based treatment.



The client wanted to improve its customer service through the development and implementation of a new scheduling support and reporting system. This new application would replace the existing reporting system that was built using legacy technologies and had a non-graphical user interface. The challenge involved re-engineering the existing application for which no proper documentation was available. Moving the system to the latest technologies also required gaining acceptance by the subject matter experts.



With no documentation for the existing system, ESN Technologies identified requirements development as the most critical aspect of the project, along with preparation of system specifications. To complete the work, ESN Technologies adopted an onsite-offshore development strategy. This expedited the system development while facilitating close collaboration with and buy-in from the client’s relevant stakeholders. As part of the business intelligence (BI) solution, Everest Consultants assisted with data cleansing and specifying reporting needs. Reports developed included for scheduling, utilization, appointment setting, invoicing, outside referral, financial, audit and insurance purposes. The complete BI reporting solution provided the ability to batch print reports at predefined intervals. Additionally, Everest Consultants documented the design and other operational details, prepared a plan to stabilize the application, and provided ongoing system maintenance using its offshore resources.

  • Technology
  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports



The client estimated a return on its investment in the new scheduling support system of up to $300,000 a year, due to a reduced dependence on printed forms. By automating business processes, the new system also increased efficiency and reduced recordkeeping errors.

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